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Rawhide Rattle Workshop

A picture of a Rawhide RattleThe 'Rawhide Rattle' workshop was a lot of fun and our participants enjoyed learning from the Gitxsan artists. This workshop was easier on the students as they had received a primer on the creation process by doing the drumstick workshop first. Again the youth worked with glover needles, acrylics and maple wood. During these sessions, Elder Lorna Brown joined in the class and her attention to the leatherwork detail on the handles inspired many of our students to experiment with leather, fur and beads for embellishments.

A picture of the class at workFurthermore, the students created beautiful rattles and we are aware that many of the youth gave these as gifts to loved ones. This project was so well received that we continue to receive feedback from the rawhide rattle recipients who have stopped us in public to give positive comments or ask us how they can get involved or participate.

We give heartfelt thanks to Arlene Ness, Diane Pakka and Randy Stephens for coming in and sharing their talents, expertise and giving our youth insight into the life of an artisan. Thank you!

Another sample of a Rawhide RattleThe steps to making a Rawhide Rattle are:

  1. Soak the rawhide pieces
  2. While the rawhide is soaking work on the maple handle by boiling, peeling and sanding.
  3. Once the handle is ready sew the edges of the wet rawhide pieces face to face, stuff with sand, then attached rawhide to the handle and hang it upside down for 24 hrs.
  4. Once the rawhide is fully dry, carefully pull the hardened rawhide off the handle and remove the sand.
  5. Put small amounts of Rice in the rawhide opening and shake to test the rattle sound. Add as much or as less rice as you need to get a good sound.
  6. The last step is to re-attach the rawhide to the handle with a dab of glue and tie securely with sinew.
  7. You are now ready to decorate!

If you are interested in a 'Rawhide Rattle' class, sign up for our workshop using the application form. Please ensure that you fill out all required information.

A picture of Totem Carving

Once enough applications are received then we will schedule a "Rattle -Making" workshop.